Sean Everest
Sean Everest
professional web developer
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About Me

From a young age I have had a fascination with technology and a predisposition to logical thinking. This lead me to a degree in Computer Engineering with a specialization in software design. Along with software coursework and projects, I participated in the Engineering Co-op program. For the past 3 years, I have been a part of the I.T. organization of a large telecommunications company. During this time I have been focused on improving the productivity of fellow employees through the use of web technologies. Using agile methodology, we created web tools to support business needs such as scheduling, communication, and workflow management.

The internet age is quickly producing tools and services to make our lives simpler, connect us together, and bring smiles to our faces. I seek opportunities to be a part of the movement and create valuable web solutions that people love to use. If my skillset fits your needs, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

What I Do

I am an end-to-end web development specialist.


Comfortable in Windows or Linux environments using configuration management tools to create self-documented, repeatable server configurations.


Experience with a wide array of technologies and frameworks to facilitate storage, manipulation and delivery of the information you need, when it is needed.


Passionate about modern web presentation, using the right tools and feedback from real users to build application interfaces that work.

Continuous Integration

A focus on automated testing and deployment to enable nimble applications that are easy to maintain and improve.


A sample of some of the work I have done both professionally and in my spare time.

Henderson and Co

Henderson & Co.

As a consultant, I assisted in creating the homepage and blog framework for Henderson & Co. entertainment and trademark law firm.

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Question Cove

Question Cove

Created a platform to connect people with questions to experts and become an easily searchable warehouse of useful information. Written using Ruby on Rails in my free time.

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Collaborated with a co-worker to create a fake SMTP server and front-end for use in application development. Written using AngularJS.

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Other Interests

Life isn't all work.



Competitive keelboat racing and weekend cruising



Competitive player and fan


Camping & Outdoors

Travel, adventure, and taking photos along the way

The skills gained through working with a team as well as the asthetics and patience of photography are things I try to bring into my everyday work.